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……… haaa so hard but i guess 

cardcaptor sakura, inuyasha and saiunkoku monogatari are SOME anime(s)

ccsakura cuz it was my “first” anime and i will always remember how i ran home  as fast as i could after school so i would not miss it >,< when they showed the last ep i wrote to the tv channel that was showing it asking if they could take it back ( this was when i was young and did not know about the wonderful thing we call INTERNET and that you could watch anime on it xD )


then inuyasha XD haaaa all the happy times XD like when koga plops in and inuaysha gets jelly and kagome gets mad XD and the sad times :( like sango and her brother >,< and the meeeep times … ALL THE TIMES !! 


saiunkoku monogatari cuz the warm feeling it gives you XD  … i guess it’ was my first historical anime perhaps that did not have any magic maaagic in it (like girl teleported to another time etc)


BUT THEY ARE JUST SOME OF THE ANIME(S) THAT HAS MY HEART XD they might had it a bit longer i guess  ( hehe i have a big heart :3

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