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well thats like asking me to just pick one thing to eat after i have been starving for about 34567899876543456789 days X’D …………

i mean hayomi miyazaki has amazing movies and spirited away was my first one… and totoro is just so charming 

but there are also hoshi o kodomo made by Shinkai Makoto… Hoshi no koe is also good…..

and summer wars by Mamoru Hosoda too… 

aaand origin spirits of the past  directed by Keiichi Sugiyama and produced by Gonzo…

and i do like Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek directed by Shuuhei Morita.

and there are many many more out there i like !!!! meeeeeeeep JUST LET ME EAT EVERYTHING ! 

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  1. thetangles said: Some of my favorites - and I’m glad someone mentioned Voices of a Distant Star!
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