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Day 166 - Landlos / ランドロス / Landorus

This is Hollow Island, inhabited entirely by rebel Ghost-types. Brave Pokémon follow their ideals of great treasure and adventure, and take to the seas in search of this elusive place.

Chillarmy grows tired of the recent disappointing battle results, and with the real possibility of Hollow Island being conquered by the legendary Landlos that arrived on North Beach, he decides to enlist the island’s own Darkrai. But its personality isn’t as Chillarmy would’ve hoped, this Darkrai is a little afraid of fighting Landlos, especially in its alternate forme.  

To be continued throughout this month before Halloween. October belongs to the Ghosts.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing each and every day! And yes, Darkrai is not a Ghost type, but still. Also, they are not speaking English, it’s just in the context of their shared language shown in the anime.)

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